Thankful for My Many Faces

Since it is the season of giving thanks, I wanted to touch on something I am especially thankful for the older I become, and that is my many faces. The many faces of my personality, that is! Sometimes we call someone “two-faced” for being one way in a certain instance, and the complete opposite in […]

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Everyday Hairstyle

This is my go to everyday hairstyle I love to do! Some things you’ll need to do your hair like this are: An inch and a half size barrel curling iron a comb hairspray, dry shampoo, and texturizing spray The trick to achieving curls like these is to: Use the clamp of a curling iron […]

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Why Dating Is Still Relevant

Heelys, head-to-toe leather outfits, thick ties, jewel encrusted shirts, and tracksuits may have lost their hype, but something that should never lose its relevance is dating. Dating comes with ups and downs, really fun dates and super uncomfortable ones, times where the dates come rolling in, and times there may be a man drought. I’ve […]

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No holiday will replace the fall comfort food and feeling of “thanks” that makes Thanksgiving. But, I will argue that a Friendsgiving shouldn’t be overlooked! Friendsgiving is for anyone and everyone. If you live far from family or just want to celebrate an evening of friendship with your best friends, pick any day during the […]

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Fashion Personality: Romantic

If you answered the fashion personality quiz with mostly A’s your fashion personality is Romantic. You have a love of vintage styles, gravitate toward girly themes, and have a soft spot for embellishment and embroidery. The Romantic woman may be stereotyped as innocent or soft spoken.  You like your clothing to tell a story, and above all your ideal […]

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