Alexis Arias:

Alexis is a goal setter and life-hack junkie with a passion for self improvement. She’s always looking for that tidbit of information that will spark something new within herself, and she’s hoping to do that very thing for blossom readers as the Inspiration writer. A few of Alexis’s favorite things are learning, singing, and asking people questions. She studied broadcast journalism at BYU, performed with Young Ambassadors, had a wedding video business, worked at a nuclear plant, and is currently following her curiosity to find her next big thing. She believes the more interests you have, the more opportunities for happiness, and she also believes that the only way to find lasting joy is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




0653 - Version 2Tiffany Cook:

Tiffany Cook is the fashion expert for the Blossom Team. She is a certified Fashion Stylist and professional wardrobe consultant. Tiffany received her cosmetology license and then graduated from ASU Cum Laude with a degree in Communications. She has styled for commercial video projects and photo shoots, coordinated fashion shows, and helped women of all ages discover their own personal style. Her work has been featured on 12 News, Arizona Midday, and 3 TV’s, Your Life A to Z. Whether Tiffany is wearing high heels for a date night with her husband or sporting ballet flats to chase after her two sons, she is an advocate of dressing up for every occasion. She finds peace in knowing she will be with her family forever and her greatest joy comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Tiffany has been a speaker at Time to Blossom Young Women’s Conference. Check out her website at and her intro video at


Aubrey Kashiwagi:1150185_10154104192469828_855386394098348740_n

Aubrey Kashiwagi will be inspiring girls to strengthen their spiritual side. She is passionate about a few things: motherhood, living a healthy lifestyle, and creativity. She was married to her sweetheart in the Mesa, Arizona Temple in 2013 and had a fun-loving son soon after. Motherhood is her favorite blessing, and she feels like it has been her largest growing opportunity yet. This is why she plans to have “ten kids or as many as I can handle!” Aubrey recently started a new venture and opened up a small business as a freelance calligraphy artist. She loves it because it allows her to stay home with her son and have a creative outlet! Aubrey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Development from ASU and says that her degree comes in handy on a daily basis! She is always striving to become her best self and is a firm believer in the eternal nature of families, which is why she has been a lifelong member of the LDS church. In her spare time, Aubrey loves to journal and blog, so check out her site here:


Emma Jarvis:
Emma Jarvis graduated from Brigham Young University in 2014 with a degree in English. A passion for reading and writing begun at a young age and continue to be her main source of enjoyment. Jane Austen, Henry James, Scott Fitzgerald, and JK Rowling are among her favorite authors whom she returns to time and again. She spent two years working for the Church at the Church History Library where her love of history and her testimony of the Church grew everyday. She loves the devotion of saints around the world and is inspired by their stories. Her dream calling is Girl’s Camp Director. She and her husband were married in the Manti Temple in 2014 and now reside in Dallas where they are awaiting the arrival of their first baby boy in June.





1039-2 - Version 2Ashley Johnson:

Ashley Johnson is the Blossom’s happiness enthusiast. She loves trying new recipes, being a mom, singing loud in the car, and ending the day with a walk around town. Ashley has a solid testimony of Jesus Christ- the source of true happiness. Ashley hopes to spread joy, teach happiness, and start the occasional dance party. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from ASU with a degree in political science. She left a mission call for marriage to her best friend. You can follow her day to day adventures here.





Rhea Maynes:

Rhea Maynes is the Blossom Team’s teacher of success principles. She is a lover of style and science. Rhea graduated from BYU in 2013 at age 20, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology, with plans to join the medical field. After choosing another career path, she began pursuing finance and now works for Goldman Sachs in Investment Management. With a continued love for science, Rhea volunteers at science fairs and as a Sterlings Scholar Semi-Finalist judge. In her spare time, she travels with her husband, studies basic photography, models, practices yoga, and reads. Rhea also enjoys styling, exploring world cultures, and teaching. Rhea has found the greatest happiness in life through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing Christ’s love with those around her.



1181 - Version 2Melodi Melecio:

Melodi Melecio’s Blossom Team specialty is “Blossoming”.  She was raised in Utah in a bilingual, Peruvian-American home.  Finishing high school at age 17, she eagerly sought a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at BYU. At age 21, Melodi completed her first year as a second grade teacher, got married, had twins, and graduated! Things didn’t slow down as she went on to certify as an Emotional Release Facilitator and Montessori teacher. She loves to run every morning, read, cook, sing, laugh, and just be with her four precious kids and husband. Melodi has spoken at BYU Women’s Conference and sang at the Tabernacle on Temple Square in “Ven a Mi Casa esta Navidad,” a Spanish Christmas celebration. Here she is singing a duet with her husband Alex:


Gabrielle Rush:

Gabrielle is a Blossom’s relationship expert, makeup artist, selfie queen who lives with her husband/best friend in Arizona, though she desperately wishes she lived in Disneyland.  She looks like an adult, but still sleeps with the TV on.  She believes in living a balanced life which is why she has salad for lunch and pizza for dinner. Her one regret in life is that she cannot pull off adult overalls. You can see pictures she takes (here).





Sydney Walker:
Sydney Walker is the Blossom Team’s Lifestyle author. She loves to sing, travel, craft, bake, and spend quality time with the people she loves. Sydney was an All-State Show Choir performer in high school, and participated in choir as well as countless musicals. Sydney then attended BYU where she was able to continue to do what she loves and perform with the BYU Young Ambassadors her freshman year. While at BYU she met her incredible husband Jake and was married in December 2015. Soon after, they moved to Hong Kong, China where she currently resides, and is set on receiving her Bachelor’s Degree. She loves working with kids, whether it be as the primary chorister or working as an acting teacher.  Sydney loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and finds so much comfort in knowing that the church is the same no matter where you are!
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