Make a Friend Today!

It was the first day of my Principles of Journalism class, and I walked in to find a seat. Because I know I pay attention better toward the front of the room, I looked for a seat on the second row. Only one was open, and it wasn’t long before I learned the reason. The […]

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Embarrassing Then, Funny Now!

I know school is back in session and likely turning hairs figuratively grey – which is a catastrophe! In an effort to stop this theoretical phenomenon, I’m offering some humor. We all suffer from embarrassing moments, but you are not alone. After a few days (or weeks), they become funny stories that we tell our […]

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“I KNOW he wants us to be happy.”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like I try and try to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, only to find out that things didn’t work out.  I pray, fast, talk to all the wise old (and young) people I know, study, work, and then repeat! And then it all slips through my fingers. I’m not […]

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The Art of “Thank You”

As I stand in the check-out line at target, I hear screams of laughter and then see a toddler running from his mother. Clearly, he thinks this is a really fun game. I can’t say the mother had the same impression. We have all seen “bad” kids. At one point, I’m sure we have all […]

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Becoming Punctual

I don’t believe in being “fashionably late.” And if you’ve ever thrown a party and awkwardly waited forty five minutes for people to finally show up, then you probably agree with me! Being consistently late sends the message that our time is more valuable than anyone and anything, and deep down, I know we are […]

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