Discerning Truth

Quick question: Have you used Facebook or Instagram today? I should see all bitmoji hands because who doesn’t keep up with their friends everyday? Social media allows us share our daily life. In return, our friends, faith, and phones have a large impact on what we see, hear, and think. It’s easy to keep reading […]

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Soaked Clothes, Softened Heart

Art by Seeds of Faith One of my favorite things about living in a city is the chance to walk. If the weather is right, why take the subway when you can stroll by the park and have a few moments to yourself? I do quite a bit of thinking on my strolls and about […]

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Prep for #LDSconf

General Conference is just around the corner! Mark your calendars because the general women’s session is on Saturday September 23 with the other sessions broadcasting the following week. What are you doing to prepare for #LDSconf? Whether it’s your third or your thirtieth general conference, I’m certain you will benefit when you prepare. Here are […]

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Just One Thing

At our last church meeting, my bishop challenged each member of the ward to change just one thing we are doing in the hopes that the ward would experience a large shift if we all worked together in a small way. I love that idea!! Simple. Nothing huge. Anything you want. What one thing would […]

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Navigating Online School

About a year and a half ago, I switched from on-campus to online school. Since I was moving to Hong Kong, online was the best option for me to keep the credits I’d already completed, and still have the opportunity to continue my education. Online classes are difficult, and if the classes are more of […]

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