Just One Thing

At our last church meeting, my bishop challenged each member of the ward to change just one thing we are doing in the hopes that the ward would experience a large shift if we all worked together in a small way. I love that idea!! Simple. Nothing huge. Anything you want. What one thing would […]

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A Church of Imperfect People

source I recently read an essay by Eugene England that talked about how the Church is as true as the gospel. It gave me pause, because people tend to talk about how the gospel is perfect and the Church is not because it is run by imperfect people. While indeed it is run by imperfect […]

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Navigating Online School

About a year and a half ago, I switched from on-campus to online school. Since I was moving to Hong Kong, online was the best option for me to keep the credits I’d already completed, and still have the opportunity to continue my education. Online classes are difficult, and if the classes are more of […]

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Witty with Words

I’m sure you’ve got a fresh back-to-school look, but what about a refreshed vocabulary? It never hurts to add new words to your conversational arsenal, especially when you have an updated, polished wardrobe. I’m definitely guilty of using the same, old words, but when my mind meets my fashion, I’m most certainly in my element. […]

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Sunday Night Blues

There is an unfortunate sickness that often plagues my house before the start of the new week – we call it Sunday night blues. Symptoms include: early onset Monday woes, stress about the week, sudden remembrance of unfinished homework, gripping anxiety, tears, and inability to sleep or refusal to go to bed in hopes that […]

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