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A few months ago Elder Pearson came and spoke to our stake. He talked about the Holy Ghost and said, “The Holy Ghost knows and loves us like The Father knows and loves us.” This was a big ah-ha moment for me. The Holy Ghost is generally someone that I don’t claim to really understand. That evening though, listening to Elder Pearson, the Holy Ghost began to make sense. If the Holy Ghost is supposed to be our constant companion, of course he’s going to know and love us like The Father. If he spends his time helping us and  comforting us, he’s going to know when we are seeking him and when we need to be comforted.

I often feel like I’m not the best at listening to the Holy Ghost, but I’ve begun to realize that if the Holy Ghost knows me well, he will also know how to inspire me in a way that I will follow (generally). He will most likely not come to me in vision or as a clear distinct voice. He will likely (and normally does) inspire me through my own thoughts. He will help me to rely on my thoughts, and help me realize that those thoughts are his promptings.

My husband has an exercise that he used on his mission, and I promise it works – we just did it last week for Family Home Evening. Think of a question that you have, and then, read through the first chapter of the Book of Mormon. The answer, though probably not stated in the verses of scriptures, will come to you through the Holy Ghost. Pay attention to how the Holy Ghost is enlightening your thoughts. Pray to know understand those promptings better. Just like our Father, the Holy Ghost is cheering you on, and loving you, and inspiring you. As you try to create a stronger bridge between you and the Holy Ghost, you will succeed, because that is what both the Holy Ghost and The Father want for you.

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