Wasn’t that a wonderful General Conference we had last month? I’m still thinking about many of the talks I heard, especially Elder Callister’s “God’s Compelling Witness: The Book of Mormon”, Elder Ellis’s “Hard is Good”, and Elder Hallstrom’s, “Has the Day of Miracles Ceased?”. I love hearing what stood out to other people about General Conference as well — it’s such a testament to me that the Lord truly speaks to each one of us individually when we prepare for and listen to conference. One big personal takeaway that I got from the various talks was, “Alexis, don’t waste your life away!” I take this to mean that I can be more judicious in how I spend my time each day and to make sure I’m doing the most important things, and doing them before anything else. What did you get out of General Conference?

With my youngest brother Dallin at conference!

So how can I make sure that those talks and that inspiration stays with me in the coming months? Here are two things I’m doing to help me continue to get the most out of General Conference.

  1. Download the talks onto my phone through the LDS tools app

When I have each talk downloaded and easily accessible, I’m much more likely to grab my phone, open the app and hit play! Once a talk is on, whether I was in “the mood” to listen to one or not, I realize how much I needed it and am always grateful I started to listen. I’m trying my best to get in the habit to listening to a talk or two each day, and to not be afraid to listen to the same talks over and over! I listen when I’m getting ready for the day, driving, out on a walk, at the gym, or cleaning around the house. It’s amazing how much more inspiration and peace I can fit into my day when I just allow myself to multitask a bit!

2. Get a copy of the conference ensign

The following month after conference the Ensign is always the conference edition, which has the text of every talk from all the sessions in it. If you don’t have an Ensign subscription, you can pick one up from a distribution center for a couple dollars! I make the goal that before next conference, I will have re-listened to and studied the physical copy of each talk at least once. That’s where the ensign comes in, I use a colored pen to highlight and take notes on each talk so I can see which ones I’ve studied and which ones I haven’t! I like to make notes in the margin, and after studying the talk, I go back to the first page and write a one-sentence takeaway from the talk, like, “Don’t shy away from doing hard things, that’s how I will grow” or, “Allow the Book of Mormon to be a sword as well as a shield — study it daily!” These are actionable principles that I can immediately apply to my life. I also like to look for “if-then” blessings, like “IF you open your heart to receive the light of Christ and follow the Savior, you WILL receive more light” (Uchtdorf, Bearers of Heavenly Light). There are countless promised blessings we can discover and receive by studying conference talks!

I hope you will join me in making an extra effort to keep the inspiration flowing from this conference until the next one!

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