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Recently, I fell ill with a pretty nasty sickness. I was miserable, more miserable than I’ve ever been, and I asked my husband for a blessing. In the blessing, he blessed me with a speedy recovery. However, it took about three months for me to fully recover. A week after my husband gave me that blessing, I talked to him about this conundrum. Why is it that he blessed me with that, and it didn’t happen? I had fervently prayed and believed that I could be healed, and he felt like he was right to say that I would be healed, and yet, I was not. I don’t think that he was wrong to bless me with that, and I don’t think that God didn’t want to bless me with healing. I also don’t think the blessing wasn’t fulfilled because I lacked faith. I think it was simply that not all blessings are fulfilled on our time line. Elder Holland said:

“Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.”

So many people go with unanswered prayers and unfulfilled blessings, but that doesn’t mean that God is not listening, nor that he is not there. It just means that the God is trying to teach of something, show us that his way is better. For me, my sickness gave me great empathy and understanding for women in similar situations. It taught me not to judge. It taught me that no two people can or should live their lives the same way. It was a hard thing to learn and see the positive in. I was miserable for a very long time, but eventually, I understood. I know that God doesn’t give us trials we can’t handle, and I know that he is listening, even when it feels like the things he promised us are not coming true.

Next time you feel that you’re waiting a long time on God, stop and think. What could you be learning from this experience? Could there be a greater reason God is having you go through this experience? If you cannot find answers to those questions, go to God in prayer and ask him. He will answer you because he loves you. Then, remind yourself that all his blessings to you will eventually be fulfilled.

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