Art by Seeds of Faith

One of my favorite things about living in a city is the chance to walk. If the weather is right, why take the subway when you can stroll by the park and have a few moments to yourself? I do quite a bit of thinking on my strolls and about once a week I take the opportunity to call home. On such a day, I decided to take advantage of the pleasant weather by walking home despite wearing a silk dress and heels. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, and in some ways, it was. What started out as a cloudy forecast turned into heavy showers and lighting. My dad chucked on the phone as he pictured me getting soaked in the rain, and my mother was horrified when she heard the crashes of thunder. After two minutes of worrying about getting wet, I realized it was inevitable and decided to embrace the now humbling walk home.


Given the conditions, my dad gave me some great advice about life. He told me “Do your best at what you do, and then opportunities will come your way. When you need to make a change, the right change will come. Have Faith.” I wasn’t really looking for fatherly advice at the moment, but he must have been impressed by the spirit as it is what I needed to hear. I’ve forgotten to make room for faith in my decision making. I’ve relied heavily on what “I” can do and where “my” best will get me and forgot that after I do my best, Heavenly Father will get me where “He” needs me to be. Clearly, the life I live shouldn’t be so self-centered. I spend most of my days in a Wall Street world, where the concept of success revolves around money and position, not necessarily hard work and faith. It’s easy to let our environment dictate how we live, but we must make the conscious effort to live a Christ centered life. There is always room for faith because there is always room for Christ.


“The Lord is on my side; I will not fear” – Psalm 118:6


I made it home completely soaked, and my guess is that’s by divine design. Maybe the damp conditions softened my heart to the message my father was inspired to share? Or it was a reminder to check the weather before walking home? Either way, I’ve since made room for faith and a change it about to come.

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