November is for family, food, pumpkin spice everything (I know pumpkin spice falls under “food” but lets get real, it deserves its own), changing weather- unless you live in Arizona  #still98degrees, and gratitude. I have been working on being more grateful by trying to incorporate a gratitude practice in my life. (My favorite podcast  is The Alison Show and episodes 23 and 24 are all about it. Listen. Love it. Your welcome). Essentially it is time I, more or less, set aside to think and express what I am grateful for. Your commute to work or school would be a great time to change from “wasted time in traffic” to “your personal power hour of gratitude and meditation”.

For me it has been a real game changer when I express gratitude for my body. I start at my toes and work up to my head and give a thank you to every part – I am grateful for my knees that bend and carry me everywhere I go, my heart that pumps my blood, my ears that keep me balanced and hear, etc. I have had two babies in under two years, so sure there are places I want to improve on physically, but when you think about it the female body is freaking amazing.

Real life is not living in a Barbie world, and today I am gratefully not plastic.

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