When it comes to nutrition, I like to keep it EASY and YUMMY! I want to share 1 full day of HEALTHFUL eating. First, I want to share with you my belief about food and nutrition. There are so many opinions and studies out there that literally contradict each other. If you do not educate yourself in how your body works and what is really needed to be the healthiest YOU, it is easy to fall for gimmicks. I have found, in years of trying and learning about food, that I believe that Heavenly Father designed our bodies to function with optimal “fuel” and ample “fuel” in them. This means we should be eating fruits, veggies, meat sparingly, nuts and seeds, and getting pure forms of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in our bodies each day. We need food to function. We need the right food to function optimally! When I eat this way, I sleep well, I am more patient and kind, and I feel more energized.

If all of that sounded boring and yucky to you, read on friend! Eating right does not have to be bland or boring. It also doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. I am a busy mom and most of the time I have time to “grab and go”. So without further ado, here is my day of healthful eating.


*1 Cup of Chex Cereal* *3/4 Cup fat-free Greek Yogurt with berries*

tip: If you don’t like the bitter taste that Greek yogurt has, add a little Stevia to take the bitterness away!


Pumpkin Vanilla Protein Shake

*2 scoops whey isolate protein powder* *2 Tbsp pumpkin purée* *water to desired consistency* *handful of ice* *pinch of pumpkin spice for beauty*

*blend for 1 minute in blender and enjoy*

tip: It is important to have a quality protein if you are using it in powder form. I have found that Whey Isolate Protein works best for me.

LUNCH, 12:30pm

Grilled Chicken Bowl

*4 oz grilled chicken breast* *1 high fiber tortilla* *2 large handfuls of romaine lettuce* *2 Tbsp pico de gallo* *2 Tbsp Walden Farms Ranch dressing*

tip: Read your labels! Find a tortilla that is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. I eat this like a big salad, and when I’m almost done I roll up the tortilla with some chicken in it and enjoy a chicken burrito. It’s a ton of food!


Quest Bar

Quest Bars can be found at any grocery store or even gas station. They come in so many different flavors! If I had had more time on this specific day, I would have grabbed some chicken or yogurt for my snack. I was on a serious time crunch so I grabbed this bar and I was good to go.

tip: When choosing a quick protein bar for a snack, look at the label! Find a bar that has a higher amount protein (grams) than it does in fat or carbohydrates (grams).


Spaghetti With A Veggie Twist

*2 cups steamed broccoli* *4 oz cooked extra lean ground turkey* *low sodium marinara sauce*

tip: This meal is fun because you can trade out what would normally be a high carbohydrate, high sodium, high sugar meal, and make it full of vitamins and “healthy” carbs by adding veggies! Trade out the pasta part of spaghetti for ANY veggie you love. I have used spaghetti squash, sweet potato strips, zucchini spirals, and broccoli ALL in place of noodles. I also go through each marinara sauce at the grocery store and chose the “best” one. I read the labels and look for the lowest sodium sauce. If you get the “extra lean” ground turkey, you will see that it is super low in fat and carbohydrates and super high in protein. This meal is the perfect example of eating “normal” foods with your family but choosing the better way!

I hope you can see that eating healthy does not need to be super strict or really hard. Most the time I am eating what my family eats and I just choose the best way to eat it. For example, I’ll trade out pasta for veggies. Or I’ll order extra grilled chicken and hold the sauces.

When we take care of the bodies Heavenly Father gave us, they, in return allow us to serve those around us. And that is the big picture! It is important to take the time to LEARN about our bodies and our food.

Bon appétit


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