Since it’s still summer and swimsuit season I wanted to write about a little bit about hair removal! I think i might be a little bit over the top about wanting to be completely hairless on most of my body but if you’re like me these basic tools are seriously must haves.

Waxing- So ill start with waxing. So many girls spend a lot of money going to a salon to get their eyebrows, upper lip, etc. waxed but let me tell you that that is not necessary. You can buy your own wax heater and wax at a sally’s or online and it will save you so much money! I recommend buying hard wax (as pictured), because you can see exactly where you are putting the wax and you do not have to deal with putting wax strips over the wax. You simply just apply the wax at a temperature that has not liquified yet to where you want it, and let it cool completely and then rip it off. Make sure to use the small applicator sticks to apply it so that you can be more precise. I personally mostly just use wax to wax my upper-lip. Shaping your eyebrows with wax can be a little bit difficult so if you’re unsure about how to shape them, get your eyebrows waxed professionally and then use your own wax to keep up with the shape. But for me, I just stick with tweezers for the most part with eyebrows.

Eyebrow shapers- Since were talking facial hair removal, do you have peach fuzz on your face or neck? I love using an eyebrow shaper to remove that peach fuzz. A lot of people have a misconception that if you shave parts of your body with light/fine hair, it will grow back dark and thick. That is just a myth. There are facial procedures like dermaplaning that remove peach fuzz basically the same way. It leaves your face looking so smooth!

Nose hair trimmers- A lot of people will get their nose hair waxed which is also a great option, but you can find nose hair trimmers for super cheap on amazon or in stores and they also work well. Most people don’t have a problem with this but if you have larger nostrils or just like to keep tidy, its a good idea to use one of these every once in a while.

Hair removal lasers- These are amazing. So if you really just want to get rid of hair for good these are awesome. So instead of going somewhere to get laser hair removal, there is the option of doing it yourself for much cheaper. So basically every month you laser the areas of your body that you want to remove hair from and each month the hair in those areas becomes scarcer and scarcer until eventually its gone and its gone for good! The awesome thing is that i’ve used this and it actually works! I’ve used the laser on my legs, arms, armpits and eventually it will save some time not having to shave anymore. It may take awhile to save up for one because they are pricey but I think they are totally worth it!

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