There is an unfortunate sickness that often plagues my house before the start of the new week – we call it Sunday night blues. Symptoms include: early onset Monday woes, stress about the week, sudden remembrance of unfinished homework, gripping anxiety, tears, and inability to sleep or refusal to go to bed in hopes that Monday won’t come.

A few weeks ago I came down with a particularly bad case but when I finally fell asleep I had a dream that a good friend of mine received her mission call. I love the thrill and excitement of the large white envelope postmarked from Salt Lake. However, later after she opened her call my friend expressed to me how she was really disappointed and unhappy in where she was called to serve. So much so, that she was considering turning down the call. I then shared my testimony to her that I knew that the call came from the Lord. That He knows her personally and that He is personally invested in the small details of her life. This call was not an accident but the Lord had a plan for her life. Then my alarm clock went off.

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I laid in bed thinking how so surprised I was to  my friends negative reaction to the where she was called. It is not the where that is important but the good she would be able to do regardless of location. Then I had a gentle rebuking by the Spirit, who reminded me how just the night before in my Sunday night blues and my night time prayer I expressed a little heart ache in my current place in life. And then Spirit kindly taught me with my own words I had shared with my friend, “The Lord know you personally and He is personally invested in the small details of your life. Where you are at is not an accident but part for the plan the Lord has for your life.” That stung just a little but then I had a feeling of love and peace wash over me.

Since my early schooling session with the Spirit I have been working on taking the antidote of Sunday night blues -gratitude for the Lord’s plan for me.  Elder Richard G. Scott sums it up nicely when he said, “Your agency, the right to make choices, is not given so that you can get what you want. This divine gift is provided so that you will choose what your Father in Heaven wants for you. That way He can lead you to become all that He intends you to be. That path leads to glorious joy and happiness.”


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