Hey everyone! I’m the new beauty blogger for My Time to Blossom and I couldn’t be more excited. I wanted to make a video for you all so that you could get to know me a little bit and I hope you like it.

Here are 10 essential makeup products that everyone should have, even if they are just used for special occasions:

Face Makeup

1.Primer- Your foundation lasts so much better and looks a lot more flawless when you use primer before

2.BB or CC Cream- It is full enough coverage for most people but isn’t too heavy

3.Concealer-Even if you don’t have acne, this can really brighten up your under eyes

4.Bronzer-I  think everyone looks better with a little bit of a healthy glow and if you are as white as me bronzer is the way to go.

5.Blush- Blush is the first thing to come off but it does so much to liven up your face makeup and bring your whole look together

Eye Makeup-

6.Primer-This changed my life when doing eyeshadow. You need to prime your lids for your eyeshadow to really stay on.

7.Eyeshadow- I really think all you need is a neutral, highlight, and dark color and they can do a lot for your eyes.

8.Eyeliner- Okay this one isn’t necessary for everyone but it definitely is for me! 🙂

9.Mascara- I think this one is a given.


10.Lipstick or lipgloss and if you’re like me, a lipliner is a life changer.

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