Over the years if I had to rate the quality of my daily scripture study honestly it ranges from real set time reading like its the word of the Lord to a barely a verse or two on my phone half asleep in bed. But in stake conference earlier this year, a member of my stake presidency challenged us to just give ten minutes a day in the scriptures. And that was a loving slap in the face by the Spirit. Right then and there I determined I was going to make that happen. To make it a real habit I knew this new ten minutes a day needed to have a set time. My evenings vary, so only other option was the morning.  I started waking up fifteen minutes earlier every day (five minutes to really get out of bed and then ten minutes to actually read). It never felt like a sacrifice of sleep and I started making real progress in the Book of Mormon. Reading became much for enjoyable when I wasn’t perpetually in First and Second Nephi.

I had to wake up fifteen minutes earlier because I have to leave the house by seven to have time to drop my little girl off and make it to work on time. And I had been really struggling with getting out the door on time for a while. I often lectured myself behind the wheel as I  rushed to the office in the morning traffic, but I never expressed this frustration to anyone else, it was just a small personal uphill battle.

Weird thing is once I established the habit of my earlier scripture study I found that I had noticeably more time in the morning when I was getting ready, even days with time to spare. The numbers don’t add up, and nothing else in my morning routine has varied. (I even eat the same thing for breakfast everyday)

In the last General Conference Elder L. Whitney Clayton explained this phenomena – “those who are deliberate about doing the “small and simple things”—obeying in seemingly little ways—are blessed with faith and strength that go far beyond the actual acts of obedience themselves and, in fact, may seem totally unrelated to them. It may seem hard to draw a connection between the basic daily acts of obedience and solutions to the big, complicated problems we face. But they are related… small acts of faith, even when they seem insignificant or entirely disconnected from the specific problems that vex us, bless us in all we do.”

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I have learned first hand that this is true. Getting out the door on time seems completely unrelated to reading my scriptures every day. But the daily reading has given me the time I need. I know like Elder Clayton, that if there is a problem we are dealing with, big or small, that the little things like scripture reading make the difference to help us solve whatever we are facing.  

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