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I just finished an awesome weekend training and one of the little golden nuggets of wisdom I learned must be shared! This one thing might save you some grief and disappointment in so many relationships.

At some point in our lives we have to realize that every person has their story. Every person has a trial they’re working through and endless experiences that have shaped who they are and the way they see life. When I give my 100% in something it may look very different than your 100% in that particular moment in time. It’s not really fair to criticize or judge or even expect someone to meet my expectations of what 100% looks like…for me.

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For example, when I wake up at 4:45 and make it to my yoga class it’s already a good start to an awesome day! It begins a series of positive events in my day. But my sweet friend struggling with depression calls it a win if she’s up before noon. Then there are some days when “Day 2 Hair” (you know what I’m talking about…) is going to be good enough. 

So I’ve tested my new found golden nugget of wisdom. Instead of assuming someone is just being lazy, inconsiderate, or immature, in my mind I just say “this is their 100% right now.” And almost immediately I’m flooded with love and compassion for the person. I don’t know their whole story, and it doesn’t really matter if I do. When we come from a place of love we will always have a better outcome. Plus who doesn’t need some extra positive, loving vibes flowing their way!?

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