Summer has begun with all its sunshine, much needed relief, and adventures. Along with summer can come big changes, though; changes in grade level, changes in life, changes in surroundings. I’ve realized for me, this summer is one of change, and while change can be good, it can be difficult as well. When I moved to Hong Kong I hadn’t even visited Asia, and suddenly I was placed in a foreign country filled with people I didn’t know. It was overwhelming and exciting, but a little scary too. I found friends that made the last year and a half really memorable, and made my transition living in a foreign country so much easier. It has been a great adventure, but sadly (for me), all of them are moving to different locations after this summer, and it has really made me reflect on change. I believe change is what we make of it, and while it can be difficult to move on, with change comes hope and excitement for the future. I’ve seen examples of this recently in my own family. My little brother received his mission call to Edmonton, Canada this past week, and his life will be forever changed because of the decision he’s made to serve the Lord. I am so excited for him in this major change. It will bring with it challenges, but also so much happiness, and I’m learning to see my little changes the same way.

I hope we can see our changes as opportunities, and grow from them, embrace them, and learn from them. Whether it be spending last moments before friends leave for missions, University, or preparing for other endeavors, moving schools, or even the changes that come day by day: I hope we can take our changes and grow from them. There is a quote I love by Karen Kaiser Clark that says, “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

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