I recently spent some time in the beautiful country of Morocco. It was quite the adventure navigating the markets of Marrakesh and riding a camel in the Sahara. I felt like I was in a movie or dream the entire time!


No matter where I was, my days including hearing the call to prayer and seeing the local women dressed modestly. Moroccan culture, food, and textiles are inspiring! But the inspiration doesn’t end there. Their women are inspiring, too. Despite being in the African heat, the women are committed to dress their standards. It can be 100 degrees outside, and you will still see women covering their hair and wearing long sleeves. If they can keep modest, then can’t we? I think it comes down to a simple question, “How committed am I to modesty?” It might take a little creativity, but I know we can do it! Here’s what I’ve learned on keeping cool, chic, and modest:


Photo Credit: Lulus


Fabrics Make a Difference.
Keep to those lightweight, breathable fabrics like silk, cotton, chambray, linen, jersey, and rayon. Personally, I have become obsessed with these linen pants because they are breathable and loose, which brings me to my next suggestion….


Loose is Chic.
Instead of picking something tight up top, wear loose fitted clothes. Over-sized shirts are in style, and so are maxi skirts and dresses!


Layer. Layer, Me Not.
How many times do we tell ourselves “It’s so cute, I’ll just wear a cardi with it” when we find an amazing, yet, sleeveless shirt? No one wants to layer when it’s hot outside. Instead, look for something that already covers your shoulders.


Sometimes, our modest outfits feel a bit plan or lack that extra style on their own. That is what accessories are for! A personal summer favorite, is the silk bandanna. I’ve been wearing mine as a headband or as a necktie. Talk about French style for everyday wear! Also, don’t be scared to mix prints!


Photo Credit: The View from 5 Ft. 2
Check out her blog for ways to tie bandannas.


What else are you doing to stay chic and modest in the summer? Share your style tips and tricks with us and others at #itsmytimeto.


Rhea Maynes
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