Before it gets too close to Mother’s Day I wanted to put together a list of my top five gift ideas for that special woman in your life! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th and it sneaks up on me every year! Since I don’t live in the same state as my mom, I want to make sure I have enough time to find something and ship it to her, and the easiest way to do that is by shipping something directly from online. Even if you live in the same house as your mom or just down the street, take advantage of these next couple weeks to get a good deal online and have something shipped to yourself that you can wrap and give to her to let her know you appreciate her!

5. Bath bombs

Source: Lizush Etsy

Bath bombs are all the rage right now and they make such a cute gift! Who doesn’t want a bath that smells good, changes color and makes your skin so, so soft? Your mom will love you for this!

4. Keychain

Source: Drake Designs Jewelry Etsy

Moms spend a lot of time in the car, and a cute, meaningful keychain will be something she looks at again and again! A cute keychain is also pretty inexpensive, but it will remind her how loved she is every time she grabs it. #priceless

3. Chat Book


Chat Books are the perfect personal gift for any occasion! Choose photos of you and your siblings growing up, or family photos through the years and have everyone send you a little caption to type into the book as well. This is something she will cherish forever!

2. Robe

Source: Amazon

My mom is a pajama gal, and it’s always nice to have a cute robe when you have friends or family coming to stay with you! A good robe is something you never know you needed until you have it, so give your mom a gift she’ll thank you for for years to come!

1. Gold-filled jewelry

I’ve had my eye on a couple jewelry companies over the last few months to get some gold-filled (different than gold plated! Much higher quality!) personalized jewelry and I found an amazing company on Etsy! It’s called Jewelry Blues and I’ve been wearing their stuff for almost two months straight and the pieces have held up beautifully.

This year for mother’s day I wanted to get my mom something personal, yet beautiful so I ordered her this bar bracelet and had five hearts put on it to represent her five children. I also got her this timeless necklace! The pieces from Jewelry Blues also ship SO FAST, so it’s a great last-minute gift for any occasion!

No matter what you give your mom for Mother’s Day, whether you spend $100 or $0, as long as it comes from you she will love it. If money is tight, offer to give your mom a pedicure or a massage, or make her a nice dinner. Mother’s day is about showing appreciation and there are countless ways to do it!

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