Winter has always been my favorite season. I love the colder weather, longer nights, and deep plums, navy blues, and forest greens in the winter color palette. Despite my love for all things winter, I am always very welcoming of all things spring by the time it rolls around. I love the smell of orange blossoms in the air, despite the fact that they send my allergies into a frenzy. I love switching my color palette from dark and moody to light and airy. There are a lot of makeup trends for spring that I am really excited about. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Holographic highlighter.
“Holographic” is just a fancy term for anything that makes your face look like a prism. Though every color can have a holographic or opal sheen to it, my two favorites are purple and blue. Some people are calling this trend “unicorn highlighter”, and that’s not far off because it is v magical. I love the way it brightens up the face. Highlighter should be applied to the high planes of the face- cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow- but as I always say when it comes to makeup, do what you want! Most days I try to stay conservative with this look but I’ve been known to go overboard with it.
2. Ham face.
Okay so Ham Face is a term that I made up all on my own, but essentially it just means that you use colors that are the shade of ham! As in, like, deli meat. The best non-food way I can think to describe it is to say that its a tad pinker and brighter than mauve. It is my favorite color to use on my eyes right now, but it also looks great on cheeks and lips as well. Ham face: it’s no longer an insult.
3. Feathered brows.
Bold brows have been trendy for a few years now, but in the last year or so the trend has shifted a little. It’s gone from heavily filled-in brows to more of a natural, bushy look. I always want my brows to look as natural as possible despite the fact that I fill them in, which means I have to be careful when doing so. A couple years ago I swore by Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dipbrow, but I stopped using it a while back because it made my brows look too drawn-on. Now I stick to a combination of brow pencil and eye shadow. The key to natural looking brows is to use a pencil with a very thin tip so that you can go in and create individual brow hairs for yourself as opposed to painting on a solid, full brow. You can do this by starting at the base of your brow and dragging the pencil upwards, away from your eyes towards your forehead. These individual strokes you are making should stay within the lines of your natural brow so that they fit in with the rest of it. I will sometimes use eye shadow to fill in any areas where I think my brows are sparse. This is just a gentler way to do what I used to do with the Dipbrow. Because I am using a shadow, the lines are less harsh, and blend in better with my natural brow. Always finish your brows off by using a brow gel to brush the hairs up towards your hairline, away from your eyes. This creates a more youthful look.

If you feel like your natural brows are too thin and you HAVE to draw them in, I would suggest taking 6-8 weeks off of tweezing or waxing. I know this might seem impossible, but it is totally doable! I used to tweeze my eye brows daily, and almost two years ago I made a goal to leave them untouched for two months. I ended up going over a year without tweezing or waxing and my life improved by 100%! I couldn’t believe how much extra work I was creating for myself by adding an arch where my brows didn’t naturally have one! After growing your brows out, get them tinted a couple shades darker. It will ensure that you get the most out of every brow hair. I have lots of tiny blonde hairs in my brows that, when tinted, give me a much fuller brow. The first couple days after I tint I don’t even have to use a pencil to fill my brows in. Tinting is the best eyebrow hack!
4. Monochromatic eyes, cheeks, and lips.
This is perhaps my favorite trend as of late because it encourages me to be super lazy! Monochromatic is just a fancy word for everything on your face being the same color. Most makeup lines have a product called a multi-stick which can be used on your eyes, cheeks, and lips, making everything even easier for you. But oftentimes what I’ll do is just use my eye shadow as blush, and vice versa. If I don’t have a lipstick that matches well enough, I will put a clear lip balm on, and tap eye shadow or blush over the top of it. Voila!

Makeup is a great way for us to have fun and feel good about ourselves, but we shouldn’t wear it out of obligation. I always tell my clients that if it’s not fun to wear makeup then you shouldn’t! You should never feel like you can’t go bare faced if you want to. All of these suggestions I’ve outlined today are just that- suggestions! They’re not rules that are set in stone. Hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas of things to do to change your look up for spring because it’s fun to do, and not out of necessity to conform to a certain trend. I didn’t mention any products in this post because almost every makeup line has products that you can use to create these looks. The products that I use and like may not be what other people use and like. They may be too expensive for some. I don’t want anyone thinking they can’t create these looks, or any look, unless they own a certain product from a certain line. Makeup shouldn’t be like that! Create the looks you love with the products you can afford. And always remember: have fun with it!

I’m not super comfortable taking pics of myself, and I’m even less comfortable if I’m smiling in pics but I did a look where I tried to incorporate all of the trends I talked about and I snapped a couple (dozen) pics for you guys. You know what they say… If you want one good selfie, you’d better take 50! Okay, so maybe it’s just me who says that.

(Me, with monochromatic Ham Face, purpley holographic highlighter, and bold, feathered brows.)

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