I’ve always had a thing for lists, and for a long time my favorite list was my bucket list — a list full of crazy things I want to do before I die, what could be more interesting and exciting?!

Well, I came across this instagram account a couple years ago and it has completely changed the way I think about my list. Instead of a “bucket list” Kelly Jensen calls hers a “Live List” because it’s full of the things she wants to fill her life with, rather than just check off before she kicks the bucket! Sounds like an even better approach to me!

In my opinion, Live Lists are best when they’re short, achievable, and seasonal. I make a list of around ten things I want to do each season, which makes me more likely to actually do them!

For example, here is spring list that I’m just starting to cross off and the beginning of my summer list!

Spring Live List:

Go to the floating lantern festival

Visit the Tulip Festival

Go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity

See a planetarium show

Watch a comedy show at the Dry Bar

Go to a volleyball game

Summer Live List:

See a show at the outdoor Sundance theater

Go to Swiss Days

Have a bon fire

Go on a one-night campout

Make a slip n slide

Go to an outdoor concert

Hike mount Timp and watch the sunrise

Hike to Stewart Falls and have a picnic

Set off fireworks

So if you feel like your bucket list has gone stagnant, make a LIVE LIST! Make it realistic and make it local, and soon enough you’ll be crossing things off and making memories you’ll never forget.

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