I used to love makeup. Not necessarily as an art, but I loved that it could transform a somewhat “ordinary” Aubrey into the extraordinary version. When I reached 7th grade, I was thrilled when my mom took me to buy my first eye shadow and mascara! Fast forward to high school, where I probably spent 15-30 minutes a day (60 on special occasions) just on my makeup routine because I felt naked and ugly without it.

My transformation began when I met my husband, Joe. While we were dating, Joe picked me up for an early morning temple trip. This is the first occasion I decided not to wear makeup to with him, almost timidly (but let’s be honest, I’m not a morning person so I was too tired to put it on, anyways!). Immediately following my entrance into his car, Joe did a double take. At first I regretted my decision, until he said in the most sincere voice I’d ever heard, “you look beautiful!” I laughed and asked if he was joking? He quickly replied, “you have so much natural beauty that can be seen!”. I was stunned because nobody had ever said this to me.

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After that instance at least four years ago, I took what Joe said to heart. I began to realize that I wore makeup, dressed a certain way, and said things to cover up my “flaws”, so I tried to change. I made a goal to fall in love with the real, authentic version of myself, just like Joe had! Over the years I have seen a slow progression and I finally feel more comfortable in my own skin – “flaws” and all! And as a matter of fact, these “flaws” are what make me unique.

The manifestation of fake beauty is everywhere, and it can be hard to feel pretty when magazines and social media are all staring us in the face, telling us girls that we should change this, tuck that, and basically be flawless in every way. But as I begin to embrace my “flaws” by the world’s standards, I see these characteristics in a new light…they’re more like beauty marks!
Girls, the truth is that you don’t need a boy or friend or even parent to tell you how beautiful you are inside and out, because there is always someone who knows this about you. That someone is our Heavenly Father. He sees you through clear eyes, and as we listen to the Spirit and look at the greater picture, we too can see ourselves through His loving and accepting eyes.

Each one of us can make a goal to exude more self-love, because we are authentic & unique – just the way God created us! I know that as I remember that true beauty lies within, I will have an easier time looking at myself in the mirror and seeing all of the beauty that I possess…and all of the beauty God knows I possess. πŸ™‚

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