One questions I get asked a lot is “where do you find your modest clothes?”

Let me first of all say I live 30 minutes away from a Walmart and about an hour to the nearest Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, and about two hours from anything else. And with a super busy life I’m lucky to go to a Target once a month…

But thankfully we live in a world with INTERNET! Yay! So I do a TON of online shopping.

Like probably too much. BUT ANYWAY…

Boutiques I’ve ordered from

Piper & Scoot

Seriously one of my favorites. And there’s FREE SHIPPING in the US! What’s better than that?

•Called to Surf

Now this is a boutique in Provo (I’m pretty sure?) but they offer some really cute stuff online too!

•Poppy & Dot

Now this is one of those boutiques that’s just on my Instagram (you comment when you want something and they’ll send you an invoice) + FREE SHIPPING!

•Believer Clothing Company

When “I don’t have anything to wear” I usually put on my believer shirt. So comfy and reminds me to be a believer!

•Clad & Cloth 

This is another one of those shops that I want to buy everything in. Plus, they just came out with there own dress line and its fabulous! I want all of the dresses.

•Shop Stevie

I want every single item. Every one. Currently my favorite….

•Flybird Apparel

They only have tops but all of them are super comfy and have a great message on them. I love mine.

Boutiques that I haven’t ordered from but really want to….

•Framed in Jade

This is a newer boutique so they don’t have a ton of items but what they do have is amazing and priced super affordable.


ahh. ahh. ahh. I’ll take one of everything please!

•Winsome Jones

Such unique & simple pieces. Lots of skirts that would be great for missionaries.

•Jean Girl Shop

They have a huge online selection that’s dreamy!

• Pink Desert 

They have super cute peplum swimsuits & tons of other modest clothes.

Stores I actually shop at


I could spends days in there. Enough said.

•Old Navy

If you shop here often— sign up for their emails. Super good deals.

I hope this helps some of you.

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