How Do You Want Your Skin To Look

One of the questions I always ask my clients when I am doing their makeup is how they like their skin to look. Usually I get a blank expression when I ask this so I explain by saying, “Matte, dewy, or natural?” These words are foreign to some people so I’m here to take the mystery out of it all!


DEWY: This finish has a very glowy and almost “wet” look to it. Use products that have a cream or gel-base to them so they look, well, dewy!

NATURAL (satin): This is how your skin would look after cleansing and drying it. It is neither “powdery” nor super “glowy,” but just has a natural radiance to it. This is the most requested skin finish, as it has a bit of a glow (usually on the high planes of the face, like the cheekbones), but is still a happy marriage between matte and dewy. The best products to achieve this are mineral-based, but topping any foundation with just a powder highlighter on the cheekbones (and little to no powder on the rest of the face) is the easiest way to get this look!

MATTE: This has a powdery look to it with no glow. It is often requested by people with oily skin who tend to get shiny throughout the day, so they don’t want any added shine. It is best achieved with a full coverage, matte foundation and a blot powder that eliminates all shine.

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