There are several FastPasses that don’t count against your FastPass limit: Buzzlightyear’s Astro Blasters, Fantasmic, and World of Color (in DCA). Take advantage!

The City Hall and Guest Relations area at the beginning of each park will give you a free button to help you celebrate your visit to Disneyland or CA Adventure! They can read the simple “I’m Celebrating!” and can get more specific depending on the reason for your visit (“Happy Birthday” to “Happily Ever After”). It helps to add to the celebratory ambience to see yourself (and your group) in matching buttons all day!

The park is full of hidden Mickey’s all over the park. The explanation is in the name, there are hidden images of Mickey Mouse everywhere! I wouldn’t recommend taking time looking for hidden Mickey’s as a first time visitor. However, those that frequent the park more often can find it fun to know the ‘secret’ locations of these Mickey’s!

Ask questions whenever you have them; each cast member (roaming Main Street, working in restaurants, etc.) is always the most helpful and (the myth says) will never respond “I don’t know.” Don’t feel dumb for asking when the parade starts, or what some random group of people is. Disneyland often films shows or specials and there always seems to be random fun stuff happening.

Rider Swaps, single rider lines and fast passes- I’m always surprised by how many people don’t know about these time savers. Get your Radiator Springs Racers passes before 10 am and Space Mountain passes before noon to make sure you get on these rides.

Hit the shows during peak park hours (11-2) to avoid long lines for rides.

Eat earlier or later meals to avoid long lines at restaurants (avoid 11:30-1 and 6-7:30).

Visit on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in January or February. These are the least busy times of the year. However, this is also when they tend to do maintenance on the rides as well. Check out this amazing website. It tells you historically if Disneyland has been busy on an individual day.

Follow Disneyland Instagram accounts for good tips and food ideas:
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