Fashion Finds

1     2     3     4 Right now is a very exciting time because prom is coming up! So this simone lace dress is very formal but also modest and comfortable. The shoes are a nice grey color with three buckles that go across the top and they also give some […]

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Spring 2017 Fashion Report

Spring has sprung and with it has come some of the brightest and best trends of the year! Read on to get the break down of the trends you need in your closet. 1. Pom pom- Channeling your Mexican Riviera cruise, I love the idea of pairing a colorful top like this one with white denim […]

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Pop-n-Parm Popcorn!

Lately, I have come to love homemade popcorn! Since it’s so easy to make, it has become one of my go-to snacks, especially for a girls movie night. Homemade popcorn cuts out the preservatives and trans fats found in the microwaveable packages you buy at the grocery store. With under 100 calories per serving, homemade […]

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Just Ask!

Today I was talking to my son’s teacher. I have always felt that she sincerely loved and cared about his progress but today I came out discouraged. I thought, “What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried everything! How do I show him how important school is right now? How do I encourage him to love […]

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Meal Planning

photo source One of my least favorite things of the day to day is coming home at the end of work day and blankly staring into the fridge magically hoping something tasty will appear. By 5:30pm, I’m starving and/ or hangry (angry & hungry), and my culinary creativity ranges from quesadilla to sandwich- wah wah boring.  […]

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