Scotland Travel Log

Scotland- the land of rolling green hills, quaint towns, bagpipes, and castles. It is a place unlike any other, with thick Scottish accents echoing in the streets and strong diversity between cities and the countryside. While there are many wonderful places to visit, these are some of my favorite attractions when visiting Scotland: Edinburgh Castle […]

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Easier for Your Brain

“Back-to-school” season is in full swing, and I think it’s time to revive an old post. While you’re shopping for a “first-day” outfit and ordering essentials on Amazon, take a moment to add these habits to your cart!   5 R’s to Make School Easier for Your Brain    Repetition Memorization follows repetition. When we […]

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What to Do When You’ve Fallen Off the Wagon

The month of July was great for a lot of reasons — we had lots of family and friends in town to visit, we started (and have almost completed!) a huge renovation on our house, we spent lots of time outside hiking and playing, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I really haven’t cooked […]

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Finance 101

Finances can run your life if you don’t learn how to run your finances. Sometimes we make completely preventable mistakes simply  because we’ve never been educated on the subject. Here are 5 helpful ideas that will help you in any stage of life.   Rainy Day Fund Every time I even mention a fund for […]

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10 Essential Makeup Products

Hey everyone! I’m the new beauty blogger for My Time to Blossom and I couldn’t be more excited. I wanted to make a video for you all so that you could get to know me a little bit and I hope you like it. Here are 10 essential makeup products that everyone should have, even […]

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