Peace, Direction, and Balance

It is so easy to get caught up in our own lives. We generally spend time with people our own age, who think, talk and act like we do. However, recently I have had many opportunities to learn from the elderly women and men around me. These grandmas and grandpas have lived so many years […]

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Gimme the Gingham

Are you going to a barbeque for Memorial Day weekend? Or looking for an outdoor picnic vibe as summer approaches? No matter your occasion a gingham skirt is the perfect piece to leap into summer. Wear your skirt dressed down with a printed tee, sneakers, and a killer pair of mirrored sunglasses for a Friday […]

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Slime Trails

One time, while sitting on the porch of a hotel room, I saw a snail. As I watched it crawl across the cement I became sort of fixated with it, and how slowly it moved. The snail seemed happy to be a snail, seemed happy to be creeping across my temporary porch, seemed oblivious to […]

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Growing Your Testimony

source I have this place in my mind that I call, “the shelf”. The shelf is a storage unit within my brain where I place things that I do not fully understand. The shelf sometimes feels too full, like it’s bending in the middle from the weight it carries. There are a lot of things […]

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Letting Go of the Boat

This year, I became SCUBA certified. I never thought I would get into SCUBA diving, but my husband and I decided to try something new, and this was it! After passing the online and pool dive portions of the certification, we went on a trip to the Philippines with friends for our first ever open-water […]

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